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Columbus University | Educación Virtual

Welcome to our virtual education platform


The use of the educational platform offers a series of advantages in the support of face-to-face teaching that improve the results and achieve academic success.

What we offer

  • Bachelor in managerial administration.
  • Bachelor in management of human resources.
  • Degree in tourism and business administration.
  • Degree in accounting and auditing.
  • Degree in finance, insurance and banking.
  • Bachelor's degree in teaching in English.
  • Bachelor's degree in education with emphasis on elementary teachers.
  • Bachelor of architecture.
  • Degree in psychology.
  • Doctor of medicine and surgery.
  • Bachelor of engineering in nautical science and administration with specialization in maritime transportation.
  • Bachelor of engineering in nautical and mechanical sciences
    with specialization in naval machinery.
  • Bachelor of engineering in nautical sciences and
    administration with specialization in maritime transportation.
  • Bachelor of engineering in nautical and mechanical sciences
    with specialization in naval machinery.


National or Foreign Requirements

  • Admission form with all the complete data.
  • Original and photocopy of the Bachiller diploma.
  • Original and copy of credits of secondary studies (I to VI year) and university credits (if applicable). (The credits obtained abroad must be apostilled).
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • A copy of the personal identity card (birth certificate if the applicant is a minor or passport in the case of being a foreigner).
  • Certificate of good health


How is the experience of studying online?
It is amazing how many options there are to expand professional knowledge. At present, we have a wide range of programs to carry out studies that will optimize our academic degree, without having to leave aside the work experience.

Before starting any online learning, most of us can be skeptical and doubt educational tools at a distance, but with the technology in which all of us are involved today, it is not a problem to acquire knowledge through it.

The experience of studying at a distance has multiple advantages, some of which is that it helps to better organize the daily agenda and to prioritize the activities, needs and responsibilities (something that perhaps many of us would not do without a time limit). Although the classes can be asynchronous, all the deliveries of work expire and, without a proper organization, only the failure would remain, just as it happens in real life. Without sufficient autonomy and commitment, there is no professional growth and much less personal when you decide to opt for an online study.

As an experience, we can say that studying at a distance (online) keeps both personal and professional life in synchrony. It allows promoting intellectual knowledge while continuing to exercise the trade and extending work experience, what many companies require at the time of recruitment. In contrast to face-to-face studies, it is another positive factor that distance studies have in favor.

How much time should I dedicate to my studies online?
In distance or online races there is great flexibility to carry out your own schedule, but this implies greater discipline and organization.

You should have an approximate number of hours that you are willing to give to your study activities in contrast to the suggested hours.

The hours that we recommend to take classes are 12 hours a week, to which you must add hours of independent work, between 10 and 17 hours. In that sense, you will be giving 22 hours a week to your online career. This will depend on the requirement of each university.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our careers, do not hesitate to contact us at


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